BRP SUB ADAPTER DS-SUB KIT 2017 150-500 XCW/XCF-W & EXC DS-3014-10-26

BRP SUB ADAPTER DS-SUB KIT 2017 150-500 XCW/XCF-W & EXC DS-3014-10-26
BRP SUB ADAPTER DS-SUB KIT 2017 150-500 XCW/XCF-W & EXC DS-3014-10-26
Brand: BRP
Product Code: DS-3014-10-26
Price: $489.95

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NOTE: This Kit Only Fits 2017 KTM 150-500 XCW/XCF-W & EXC

The BRP SUB "Scotts Under Bar" Mount Adapter is our entry level SUB Mount. This kit is for those of you who need a Scotts stabilizer and would like to go sub mounted. includes Scotts stabilizer, Sub adapter, bolt on tower and necessary hardware.

Designed to mount a Scotts stabilizer below the handlebar using your OEM cast or billet triple clamp. The SUB adapter mounts to 2 of your existing bar mount holes and allows you to run the 2 most popular bar positions; pos. 3 & pos. 4. SUB Mounting a stabilizer offers several benefits over a conventional "above bar" setup and is becoming a very popular setup for GP's, motocross, off road, dual sport applications and riders of taller stature.

We recommend using a Clean Speed Cable Guide (Sold Separately) to ensure proper cable routing.  (Select Cable Guide in drop down menu)

  • Offers an approximately 1" taller bar position
  • Lower Bend Bars can be used to compensate for additional height.
  • SUB Mounting reduces the risk of bodily injury
  • Stabilizer is tucked away and protected from potential damage from a crash.

BRP is an authorized Scotts Stabilizer Dealer and Service center with an extensive knowledge of stabilizer mounting applications. We have a complete line of stabilizer mounting applications and replacement parts. When it comes to service we offer complete service on all Scotts stabilizers.
Be sure to select the proper year, model and triple clamp in order to get the correct part for your order. When running a stabilizer in the sub mount configuration, the stabilizer link arm will need to be reverse mounted "going under the body of the unit". To reverse the link arm we recommend using a Scotts Link Arm Puller (Sold Separately). This unit cannot be used with cycra center reach mount handguards.