BRP SUB Mount Assembly 12-13 KX450F
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BRP SUB Mount Assembly 12-13 KX450F

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This BRP SUB Mount offers two bar positions: 12mm & 22mm in front of steering stem.

Both positions are easy to achieve by simply rotating the handle bar perch 180 degrees.


The stock triple clamp has 4 postitions that are not the most comfortable for the average size rider.

They are either too far back or too far forward.

Position #1 is 2mm behind sterring stem

Position #2 is 7mm in front of steering stem

Position #3 is 24mm in front of steering stem

Position #4 is 33mm iin front of steering stem


The BRP SUB "Scotts Under Bar" Mount is the latest in stabilizer mounting options and is a very popular setup for GP's, motocross, off road and riders of taller stature. The SUB Mount is designed to run 1 1/8" ProTaper style handlebar and mount a Scotts stabilizer below the handlebar replacing the bar mount assembly on your OEM, BRP or Scotts triple clamp. The SUB Mount setup offers several benefits over a conventional "above bar" stabilizer setup.

  • Reduced risk of injury by coming into contact with stabilizer
  • Approximately 1" taller bar position on most models
  • Enables you to run a bar pad for 1 more level of protection

BRP SUB Mounts are designed exclusively to fit OEM, BRP or Scotts triple clamps. In some cases we may have one that will work on other aftermarket triple clamps. If you have a triple clamp other than OEM, BRP or Scotts; please contact us to see if we have an application that will work.

BRP is an authorized Scotts Stabilizer Dealer and Service center with an extensive knowledge of stabilizer mounting applications. We have a complete line of stabilizer mounting applications and replacement parts. When it comes to service we offer complete service on all Scotts stabilizers.

When running a Scotts stabilizer in the SUB Mount configuration the arm will need to be reversed mounted. Using a lower bend bar can often emulate the stock bar height. Due to the SUB Mounts increased height, triple clamp style enduro handguard mounts will not work with many bar bends so we recommend running either U-clamp or Bonz mounts.

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