Double Take Adventure Mirror Assembly

Double Take Adventure Mirror Assembly
Brand: BRP
Product Code: BMI-DT-AM
Price: $60.00

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Double Take Adventure Mirror Assembly

Assembly includes:

(1) Mirror  -  (1) 3" Arm Extension  -  (1) Ball Stud

(Additional Ball Studs available for ease of use on multiple motorcycles)

The ultimate mirror for the true Dual Sport and Adventure Riders.
Indestructible- Made from reinforced Zytel
and guaranteed against breakage.

Easy to fold, remove, or swap between bikes
Excellent Visibility - SAE Spec Convex Lens
Ball stud base has 10mm x 1.25 threads.
Mirror Dimensions - 5.25" x 3.50"

Some models will come equipped with integrated threaded perch clamp that will allow you to simply thread ball stud directly to perch clamp. In the event that your model does not come equipped with threaded perch clamp, you will need to add a Split Clamp to your order. (Split Clamp sold separately) Select Split Clamp from the drop down menu.
Split Clamp Assembly fits all handlebars including over sized 1-1/8” handle bars. Split clamp bolts to 7/8" portion of bars.

Made in the USA.